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38 CC Norte III is a natural gas Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant with two (2) CCGT modules (2x1 configuration), with four (4) Gas Turbines, four (4) Heat Recovery Steam Generators, two (2) Steam Turbines, two (2) Air Cooled Condensers, electrical and auxiliary systems, and a 16 km aqueduct that transports wastewater from Laguna de Patos Wastewater Treatment Plant.

This facility has a conventional a 230 kV power substation (air insulated), which interconnects to the National Electric System through CFEs "CERESO" 230 KV Substation.

38 CC Norte III is a "Zero Liquid Discharge" (ZLD) facility, with a water treatment plant that recovers and recycles various wastewater streams. The treatment process involves the vaporization of the incoming wastewater through an evaporator that concentrates contaminants in a brine solution while condensing and collecting the water vapor for reuse. The contaminants and solids that remain are processed into a solid waste. The ZLD system includes filtration, water softeners, evaporators, vacuum crystallizer, and its own cooling system. The ZLD is designed to achieve the highest possible recovery rate, to reduce raw water volumes from Laguna de Patos.

38 CC Norte III began its commercial operation on March 20th, 2020.

Abeinsa has engaged NAES Mexico to provide 38 CC Norte III Operation and Maintenance services. NAES is a recognized experienced powerplant operator worldwide.