Management Systems

38 CCC Norte III is committed to transparency in environmental and social management; For this reason, we have an Integral Management System for each of the stages of the Project, which have as a priority compliance with current national legislation, international regulations, good industry practices and maintain an adequate relationship with our groups of interest.

plantas de energia electrica - GN Energía
Abeinsa Juarez N-III works to ensure that quality and continuous training are part of the principles on which each of the processes of the Plant is based.
The integrity and safety of each of the workers and interest groups of the plant is a priority for the harmonious development of the project, therefore, Abeinsa works to ensure that each of the requirements is fulfilled so that any action to be carried out is in safe conditions for the worker and for the Project.
As a fundamental element for the harmonious development of the Central 38 CCC Norte III, in 2015 and 2016, the Analysis of Interest Groups and the Study of Identification of Social Impacts and Risks was integrated, being these a fundamental tool for the development of the Project and his vision towards the future. Additionally, every action undertaken is aligned with the Principles of Ecuador and the search for a relationship of respect and integrity with our stakeholders.

Central Complience Rules:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OSHAS 18001

Applicable Mexican Legislation

Principles of Ecuador

Aditionally, for the identification, evaluation and management of social and environmental risks, 38 CCC North III complies with the Principles of Ecuador and good international practices, principles that have become the management framework for each of the stages of our Project.

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