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Abeinsa Juarez N-III, S.A. de CV ("Abeinsa"), a corporation incorporated under Mexican law, is intended to comply with the Contract signed by Abeinsa and the Federal Electricity Commission ("CFE") regarding the Commitment of Electric Power Generation Capacity of a net capacity of "906 MW" ± 15% under conditions of summer design and Purchase of Associated Electric Power, pursuant to which Abeinsa, as Independent Power Producer, is obliged, for a period of 25 years as from the date of Commercial Operation, to make available to the CFE the sale of electric energy at the point of interconnection.

In order to comply with the contract, the construction of a Combined Cycle Power Plant based on natural gas called North III is required, with a net capacity of "906 MW" ± 15% under summer design conditions, consisting of two modules integrated by 2 gas turbines by a steam turbine each, and a water supply system.

North III is formed by two twin modules of combined cycle with 2x1 configuration, formed by four Gas Turbines, four Steam Generators for Heat Recovery, two Steam Turbines, two Aerocapacitors and electrical systems, as well as all the necessary auxiliary systems so that, as a whole, they provide "CN" Net Capacity and a guaranteed Thermal Unitary Consumption "CTUNG" guaranteed, including an aqueduct of approximately 15 kilometers in length, which starts from the intake located in the Laguna de Residual Water Treatment Plant. Ducks.

For the evacuation of energy that is intended to be generated, a conventional power substation with 230 KV air insulation, called SE 38 CC North III, will be located within the premises of the power plant and will be interconnected to the Electricity System. National Power with the electrical substation called "CERESO" in 230 KV, the distance between substations is approximately 300 meters, having as adjoining the perimeter fence of the Power Plant, by means of air buses of naked ACSR cable.

The project will operate as a facility called "zero discharge" (Zero Liquid Discharge "ZLD"), for which a treatment plant will be built that will recover and recycle the various wastewater streams from the facilities of the Central. The treatment process involves the vaporization of the incoming wastewater by means of an evaporator concentrating the contaminants in a brine solution while condensing and collecting the water vapor for reuse in the Central water supply system. The contaminants and solids that remain will be processed in a solid waste. The ZLD system will include filtration, water softeners, evaporators, vacuum crystallizer and its own cooling system. The ZLD facility will be designed to achieve the highest possible recovery percentages that will reduce the amount of water needed from the Lagunas de Patos water treatment facilities.


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