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38 CCC Norte III

The Combined Cycle Power Plant 38 CCC Norte III (The Central), is an Independent Production project, authorized by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), with a design to generate a guaranteed net capacity of 906.7 million watts per hour ( MW), which will be supplied to the national electricity grid and will provide energy to thousands of homes and industries in the north of the country.

With a direct investment of approximately 600 million dollars (MUSD) and the generation of approximately 2000 jobs during the construction phase, the execution of the same is carried out, having scheduled its start of operation at the end of 2019.


The plant is located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, in a geographical area suitable to not generate any negative impact to the urban area or nearby population centers.


The CCC Norte III 38 Combined Cycle Power Plant, seeking innovation in technology and the highest efficiency in its equipment, will operate with 4 General Electric (GE) gas turbogenerators, 2 steam turbogenerators manufactured by Toshiba, 4 steam recuperators supplied by CMI Group, 6 Siemens main transformers, 2 Hammon Esindus air-condensers and 1 electrical substation with 230 kV capacity. With this technology, the Central seeks to position itself as a leader in the generation of energy with the highest quality equipment in the market, reducing to the maximum the consumption of fuel and the emission of nitrogen (NOx) and carbon (CO2) to the environment, thus maintaining its commitment to minimize the impacts or any impact on the environment.


Seeking excellence in all stages of the plant, Abeinsa Juarez N-III, commissioned the construction and commissioning of the international company Techint S.A. de C.V., having under its responsibility the engineering, procurement and construction of the project.


To guarantee the reliable operation of the plant, Abeinsa hired General Electric, who has extensive experience in the operation of power plants worldwide.

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